Ic-onic (adj.) [ʌɪˈkɒnɪk]
meaning: Intelligent Camera – On Network In cloud

example: Ic-onic develops bespoke retail technology and has led to a number of well-acknowledged premiers in the field of interactive retail solutions. As part of our offering we also facilitate, install and support you with customer journey insight solutions. We have a strong presence in the UK and Europe. Using our experience within Retail Analytics we have installed analytic solutions in over 2000+ stores globally and continue to maintain each system through our unique support services.

Iconic Smart Entry Kiosk

Features Description

  • Set customer limit per store
  • Fully Managed Cloud CMS: create key Messaging and in-store offers for customers as they queue
  • Show key Government Messaging / Reminders on social distancing
  • Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Drip Tray
Kiosk stand WAIT
Kiosk stand GO

Unit Description

  • Sizes: 21.5″, 32″, 43″ 1920*1080 Full HD screen
  • Surface Designed with High Transparency Tempered Glass
  • Support 24/7 non stop working
  • Compact design for multiple installation options (wall mounting / floor standing),
    easy installation
  • Android system with WIFI and Remove Control

Smart in/out management

Built-in auto hand sanitizer

Fully customisable content for safety tips and promotions

Optional colours and branding

People Queuing

Business intelligence and
customer behaviour analytics
are vital in today’s retail

Retail Analytical Solutions

Intelligence system installation

Our Retail Analytics software is the most comprehensive cloud-based intelligence platform on the market. Leading companies in 80 countries around the world use our tools to better understand, manage, and grow their business. It combines camera streams with real-time business intelligence to produce valuable data that can be immediately understood, shared, and acted upon. Retail analytics provides you with the insight and information to radically improve your store operations.

We manage the software while you optimise your business


Retail Analytics provide you with the insight:

  • Which products customers are truly interested in
  • How to increase profits by changing prices, product range, store layout, product location
  • How to optimise marketing
  • How to optimise merchandising
  • Customer patterns within the store
  • Best areas for marketing within the store

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Efficient installation and set-up with Active Monitoring Support

Ic-onic will go the extra mile to minimize disruption to our clients’ intelligence streams. Our Service Level Agreements are tailored to our clients’ needs and include Active Monitoring Support with a 24hr hot swap guarantee, in case of a hardware failure. Proactive system monitoring provides a peace of mind allowing you to focus on your business, while Ic-onic manages the system.

We recognize that retail
INTELLIGENCE systems are
carefully designed to
enhance the customers
EXPERIENCE and we do our
utmost to respect and ensure
that our installation and
maintenance process is non-disruptive.

Installation is quick and easy

You won’t have to worry about disrupting your intelligence streams. With the ever-expanding market, our team are prepared to create customised software and hardware to fit clients’ specific environment, specifications or needs. We guarantee sustained high-quality performance, longevity and operational efficiency for your systems. Should a problem occur, our fast response times prevent any disruptions or loss of intelligence.

Camera Two

Let our team help you

Here at IC-ONIC we keep your systems up and running

Quickly install and set up your systems to avoid disruptions

By providing both telephone and online support

As retailers upgrade to an
omni-channel experience,
we strive to develop an
interactive and immersive
shopping experience in

Maintaining systems worldwide

Ic-onic is based in the UK, and we undertake installations mainly in the UK and Europe, but we can install and maintain systems anywhere in the world. We have installed systems in over 2000 locations worldwide and continue to provide comprehensive and on-going support. Contact us now!


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